Hello and welcome! I am the proprietor of PrettySweetPillows. My story starts, oddly enough, going way back to grade school when I came across one of those home decor magazines like Southern Living. There was this one page displaying a picture of a bungalow that was done in these sunny colors like yellow and peach. There was an adorable neckroll accent pillow and I was wanting one just like the one in the picture. I ended up getting surprised by one accent pillow with ruffles around the edges for Christmas – I remember the color very well…it was called “Dusty Apricot”.
I have always had a fascination with color coordination. That pretty apricot color paired up nicely with the light peachy colored comforter. Yes, even in the third grade I was conscientious about colors and how they could sync up together. A lot of girls dig pink, now me I always loved colors like peach and spring green and light yellow. I started out with bedding and looked for other ways to incorporate my favorite colors.
Accent throw pillows are a lot of fun and they have their uses for the bed, the living room sofa, and don’t forget outside patio furniture like loveseats can use a couple of pillows too! The range of colors, styles, patterns, and yes, shapes, is unlimited. Now you can get covers if you already have the pillow insert and you want to change the cover to give one room a new look.

I found that out one day when I got a couple of dark red pillows for the living room couch and discovered that I could only spot clean them. They came from this place called Anna’s Linens which I haven’t seen in awhile…the material was called faux moleskin. They look and feel good but I have to air them out periodically or Febreeze them. Now with covers you can change your mood as it suits you and wash the cover as many of them can be easily washed and hung to dry.

So we are glad you have found us and hope you enjoy looking for a pillow set that will match your domicile, however that might be.
Jennifer of PrettySweetPillows