Decorative White Faux Fur Bolster Pillow for Beds

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Decorative White Faux Fur Bolster Pillow for Beds

When it comes to your decorating repertoire, don’t forget the bedroom – this elegant decorative white faux fur bolster pillow is made just for beds, and comes in all different sizes from twin to large king to add a touch of class.

This roll shaped beauty is carried by TheModernGift on Etsy. It’s made from hypoallergenic polyester so you shouldn’t have any bouts of “sneezies” 😉 Be sure and read the description of the different sizes carefully so you can be sure of getting a good fit. According to one of the photos you could also get two twin sized pillows for a king sized bed if you wanted, they will  provide the right coverage.

These are real pillows too, with the forms and all, in case you are wondering. A very unique style I have not seen everywhere!

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