squishy neckroll

Found: Pretty Patterns – On a Roll

So I stumbled into this cute neckroll with blue, white and turquoise mandala patterns over at Dollar General….It’s cute. What do you think?

squishy neckroll

It’s one of those pillows you see nowadays that has that squishy feel to it – One look at the attached tag and it says it’s made of a nylon/spandex combination.

This is common. It’s a bummer because, on the one hand, I like the way they feel and all, but on the other, there is no¬† cover you can take off and wash if it needs it. For all we know, those things are filled with some kind of pellets or whatever – they don’t feel like polyfill or anything – that may be what gives it a cushy feel. Spandex stretches so I guess that’s part of it.

Nevertheless, it’s cute – I’m all for those neckrolls, I don’t see too many of them!

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