doggy throw pillows in candy shapes

Found: These Sweet Candy Shape Doggy Pillows

I was shopping at Petsmart not too long ago and in search of a new Betta fish to replace my last deceased one when I came across these big plushy pillows with bright colors and candy themes:


Too cute, doncha think? Upon closer inspection I found that they would crinkle when I reached in to feel of one of them to see if they squeaked, like some of those plushy toys tend to do (yes, I am a very hands-on kind of person 🙂

Maybe there was a squeaker in the middle, I don’t know – I didn’t want to be a nuisance. All those candy and chocolate theme names are really dope. Sorry they are not all easy to read at this angle:

doggy throw pillows in candy shapes


Now me, I have cats, and they don’t express much interest in pillows (well, unless I have used them recently 🙂 But as far as what do I think, very sweet to look at, and feel of!

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