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Accent and throw pillows I have seen on my latest excursions.

Just in time! The Halloween season is officially starting. Check out these plush pillows in the shape of a candy corn, a pumpkin, and I don’t know what that thing on the left is, t’s cute, though.

You could use these on your couch, I probably wouldn’t leave them on an outdoor bench, as I don’t think they were made for that. Spot clean, for sure, these remind me of a plush throw I had once in the shape of a flower , this is always the drawback when you have something cute but all the material is sewn together. So ti’s a good thing that some of these are made for season use.

doggy throw pillows in candy shapes

Found: These Sweet Candy Shape Doggy Pillows

I was shopping at Petsmart not too long ago and in search of a new Betta fish to replace my last deceased one when I came across these big plushy pillows with bright colors and candy themes:


Too cute, doncha think? Upon closer inspection I found that they would crinkle when I reached in to feel of one of them to see if they squeaked, like some of those plushy toys tend to do (yes, I am a very hands-on kind of person ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe there was a squeaker in the middle, I don’t know – I didn’t want to be a nuisance. All those candy and chocolate theme names are really dope. Sorry they are not all easy to read at this angle:

doggy throw pillows in candy shapes


Now me, I have cats, and they don’t express much interest in pillows (well, unless I have used them recently ๐Ÿ™‚ But as far as what do I think, very sweet to look at, and feel of!

squishy neckroll

Found: Pretty Patterns – On a Roll

So I stumbled into this cute neckroll with blue, white and turquoise mandala patterns over at Dollar General….It’s cute. What do you think?

squishy neckroll

It’s one of those pillows you see nowadays that has that squishy feel to it – One look at the attached tag and it says it’s made of a nylon/spandex combination.

This is common. It’s a bummer because, on the one hand, I like the way they feel and all, but on the other, there is noย  cover you can take off and wash if it needs it. For all we know, those things are filled with some kind of pellets or whatever – they don’t feel like polyfill or anything – that may be what gives it a cushy feel. Spandex stretches so I guess that’s part of it.

Nevertheless, it’s cute – I’m all for those neckrolls, I don’t see too many of them!

Found: A Side of Fries…For the Couch?

Happy Friday! (Literally, it is Friday here, but for the sake of fun, Happy Fry-day!) Here’s my latest Look What I Found:

What do you think – isn’t that cool looking? I can’t take all the credit though, the original owner should get it. It’s a real pillow shaped like a box of fries. The “fries” themselves look like a photograph, so I don’t know if it was screenprinted onto the fabric, to look more real?

I have seen this sort of thing in some venues – pillows with images screenprinted on like this, to give the illusion of a photograph. (Sometimes, better yet, the pillow is in the same shape as the random object.)

I was thinking…what if instead of the words “French fries” we could put some type of logo on there….ok, maybe not an already copyrighted one. Just thought I’d share, that was so cool, do you think maybe there is a hamburger or coke shaped pillow that could go with it? LOL


rainbow pastel body pillow

Found: Sweet Dreams in Soft Rainbow Pastels

Hey all, check out what I found the other day while out shopping: this plush decorative body pillow in a soft pastel rainbow color scheme, and it’s got the words “Do Not Disturb” written on the front:

rainbow pastel body pillow

I thought that was very cute, I especially like the use of hearts for the Os. I do have one of those body pillows like these; I ended up using it to line my living room settee as it was just the right size. I have never thought of a “body pillow” as something necessary, but it does make for a nice decor accessory, if that makes sense?

I checked the tag and it appears to be made from a nylon/polyester material combo, which gives it a soft “squishy” feel to it. Definitely something I could snuggle up with๐Ÿ˜Š . Now how you wash something like that, I have no idea, I don’t think you can, you could only air it outside or spot clean it.ย  (Just one reason I always prefer covers…I’ll see a darling pillow like this and of course, wonder how you’re going to keep it clean…just the practical side of me, I guess.)

Nevertheless, it’s very cute, love the dreamy pastels, colors like that would put me off to dreamland I’m sure โ˜๏ธ๐ŸŒ™๐ŸŒ !


Found: Blue Diamonds and Streaked Marble

Here is a gorgeous accent pillow I ran across not too long ago….what a striking combination, don’t you think?

A bold, dark blue diamond pattern on top of a white marble background.ย  I like how the diamond pattern resembles the harlequin costumes of some long-ago era (think turn of the century -the 20th century, that is) This would be great to create a little bit of a party atmosphere.

It would also look great on outdoor patio furniture, if you wanted to create a festive atmosphere a design like this would be perfect. pair something like this alongside a couple of SOLID color throws in the same dark blue, if you can locate them, and ta-da, instant eye appeal.


purple pillows

Found: Purple Passion at a Small Price

I love sales! And I love me some purple or lilac… Was out shopping not too long ago, These 2 throws were marked down and so I grabbed them.

Trouble is they don’t have covers. (I did know that going in…) Have you ever had that experience? When that happens, it doesn’t matter what the outer material is, it’s gonna HAVE to be spot-cleaned.

purple pillows

You have 2 options when you get throws in which the covers are built in. You can regularly Febreeze them, maybe on a nice clear day if they spend some time outdoors the fresh air can help de-odorize them, which is a good idea if you have pets.

Another thing you might try – which I did, get out a handheld vacuum and run it up and down them. Because these were not already wrapped up there was some lint on them, vacuuming all that loosey-goosey residue really did make a difference. But what can I say? I love purple and these were the last I saw in that color, and they were 50% off, so there you have it.