Soft Fleece White Faux Fur Decorative Pillow Covers

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Soft Fleece White Faux Fur Decorative Pillow Covers

These soft fleece white faux fur decorative pillow covers will fit the bill nicely for a room that need a touch of extra dimension – and they will especially help bring out the best in darker or bold colors if you are surrounded by them.

They come in four different sizes with the smallest being 18″ by 18″. The hidden zipper is on the back under a seam in the middle – which is a good design concept as something like that shaggy fur could easily get caught in the teeth of a side zipper – just my thoughts.

The furry material is on the front side only, which is where it counts. These are inserts only – but for best results and better “fluff” it is best to choose a cover with a slightly bigger size (example, a 20 by 20 for an 18 by 18 cover)

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